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The Fuel Cycle and Waste Management Division is one of the largest and most active divisions in the ANS. We deal with all aspects of the nuclear fuel cycle-mining, enrichment, fuel fabrication, fuel design, reprocessing, storage, geologic repositories, waste processing, waste form testing, advanced fuel cycle evaluations, fissile material management, and national fuel cycle policies.

Most of our energy goes into technical program development in support of national ANS meetings and the topical meetings that we sponsor. We support both of the national meetings each year with several division-sponsored sessions. We also sponsor regularly recurring topical meetings that range from global fuel cycle conferences to waste management meetings for specialists. Please see the “Meetings” section of this website for more information.

Our next major activity is student sponsorship. We support student travel to the national meetings and to regional student conferences. We have also funded the Randall Scholarship, which is awarded annually.

The Fuel Cycle and Waste Management Division is also responsible for drafting a number of position statements for the society on a wide range of subjects that include nonproliferation, MOX, transportation, environmental benefits, reprocessing, etc. With such a wide range of interests represented, these statements can sometimes take dozens of iterations before they are released.

We welcome enthusiastic volunteers for all of our activities. If you would like to help organize a session, plan a meeting, edit a newsletter, or update content on this web site, please contact one of the officers. Experience is not required.


The Fuel Cycle and Waste Management Division (FCWMD) is devoted to all aspects of the nuclear fuel cycle including waste management, worldwide. Division specific areas of interest and involvement include uranium conversion and enrichment; fuel fabrication, management (in-core and ex-core) and recycle; transportation; safeguards; high-level, low-level and mixed waste management and disposal; public policy and program management; decontamination and decommissioning environmental restoration; and excess weapons materials disposition.


  •  Make your voice in support of all aspects of the nuclear fuel cycle count,
  • Gain a professional edge knowledge, learn new technologies, sharpen your skills, advance your career,
  • Become a recognized technical resource on fuel cycle and waste management issues,
  • Connect with colleagues, peers, leaders in your field, mentors and old friends. Benefit from collaboration within FCWMD and with other ANS Divisions, exchanging insights and exploring possibilities,
  • Get involved in the various activities and governance of the Division.

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