Officers and new Executive Committee Members take their positions at the conclusion of the ANS Annual Meeting.

Division Officers

Jean-Francois (Jef) Lucchini


Scientist, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Jared A. Johnson


Radiochemical Engineer, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Maryanne Stasko


Sr. Engineer, Nuclear Design, Nuclear Fuel Engineering, Duke Energy, Charlotte NC

Stephanie H. Bruffey

Program Chair

Radiochemical Engineer, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Executive Committee
3 year term

Jack D. Law

(2nd term - 2021)

Department Manager, Aqueous Separations and Radiochemistry Department, Idaho National Laboratory

Sven O. Bader

(2nd term - 2021)

Advisory Engineer, Used Fuel and Waste Division, ORANO Federal Services

Bob Borrelli

(1st term - 2021)

Assistant Professor, University of Idaho

Raluca Scarlat

(1st term - 2021)

Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin Madison

Everett L. Redmond II

(1st term - 2020)

Senior Director, Fuel Cycle and Technology Policy, Nuclear Energy Institute, Washington, DC

Nicholas V. Smith

(1st term - 2020)

Senior Engineer, Advanced Energy Systems R&D, Southern Company Services, Birmingham, AL

Fiona Elizabeth Rayment

(1st term - Non-US Representative - 2020)

Executive Director, UK National Nuclear Laboratory

Amanda Casella

(2nd term - 2019)

Nuclear Engineer, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Christina Leggett

(1st term - 2019)

Nuclear Engineer, US Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Ruth Weiner

(2nd term - 2019)

RADTRAN Program Manager, AE Com and Adjunct Professor of Nuclear Engineering, University of Michigan

Jinsuo Zhang

(1st term - 2019)

Professor of Nuclear Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Virginia Tech

Ex Officio

Steven L. Krahn


Professor of the Practice of Nuclear Environmental Engineering, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN

Patricia D. Paviet


Director of the Office of Systems Engineering & Integration, Office of Nuclear Energy, Department of Energy

Man Sung Yim


Professor and Head, Department of Nuclear and Quantum Engineering, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Heather J. MacLean Chichester


Senior Staff Scientist, Idaho National Laboratory

Steven E. Skutnik


Assistant Professor, Department of Nuclear Engineering,  University of Tennesse

Terry A. Todd


Laboratory Fellow and Director, Fuel Cycle Science and Technology Division, Idaho National Laboratory.

Staff Liaison
Valerie Vasilievas

Board Liaison

Katie Mummah

Graduate Student

Nuclear Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Past Chairs

Andrew Sowder


Principal Technical Leader, Advanced Nuclear Technology Program, Electric Power Research Institute, Charlotte, NC

Kathryn D. Huff


Assistant Professor, Department of Nuclear, Plasma, and Radiological Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign